Kobe Japan Tour

I live in Takarazuka city near Kobe. I sometimes visit Kobe for buying something. Kobe is relatively small city. But Kobe is one of Japan's most attaractive cities. It's also one of the country's most cosmopolitan. These day, there are significant populations of other Asian people in Kobe.

Kobe has two main entrance for traveler. They are Sannnomiya and Shin-Kobe stations. Shin-Kobe Stations is located in the northest of town. It is where the shinkansen stops. A subway runs from Shin-Kobe to Sannomiya Station. It's possible to walk between the two stations in around 30 minutes. Sannomiya stations is located the center of city. Before starting your travelling, you should pick up free Kobe city map at Sannomiya information office. It is located on the south side of JR sannomiya station's west gate.

Kobe Kitano

You can reach Kitano around twenty minutes walk from Sannomiya Station. Kitano is the place where local tourists come to enjoy looking . A Europian-American atmosphere is created by the winding streets and foreigner houses called "Ijinkan". Admission to some is free, but others are around 500yen.