Japan Tour

I'd like to show you our country, Japan. I hope it helps you when you travel our country. If you have any qestion about Japan, please send me an email from Mailform. I'd happy to suggest you what you can do in Japan.

What do you imagine when you hear of the word of "Japan"? You might have images of ancient temple like Kyoto and kimono-girls called geisha and so on. It's probably all in Japan. If you visit Japan, you can see all those cultures in Japan.

If you want to visit Japan, I'd suggest that you'll visit climatically stable seasons. I think the best time to visit Japan spring or fall. Spring(March to May) is the time when the Japanese Cherry tree called Sakura are full of bloom. You can see the beautiful Sakura in ancient city like Kyoto. The weather in spring is almost nice to trip. You feel comfortable during your trip. Fall(October to early December) is also good time to visit Japan. It has pleasant tempretures.

You should keep in mind that peak holiday season are extremly popular for domestic travel. Holiday season are late April to early May and the mid August. Most of hotels are full of reservation during the season. You don't want to travel Japan this season. And you might consider Japan is an expensive country in whick to travel. But I think Japan isn't expensive country. I think it can be cheaper than travelling in other country link United State. Japan travel is cheaper than what you think of.

The most good thing you can do in Japan is eating delicious food. Even if you've already had Japanese foods in your own country, you are simply to be surpirsed by how delicious the original Japanese food is. You also find that Japanese food is far more than just Sushi or Tempura. It is possible to try Japanese food every day during travelling. There are so many kind of food in Japan.